Me First

So my sister made a group chat on Whatsapp which includes herself, my dad, Mom and I. Recently my dad shared a video from Denzel Washington. This video, which I believe has gone viral now, is of Mr.Washington  speaking at a graduation. His first message was; Always Put God First. This message really drove home for me in a very personal way. Let me explain why;

I was brought up in a Home where God was paramount. In fact, He was everything and still is. The older I got, I can confess that the lesser He came first. This was especially evident during my college days where I definitely began to put my career in soccer ahead of Him. A gift which God himself graced me with in the first place. Then there were relationships that I put before Him. Meaning I had certain people so deeply in my heart that they subconsciously came before God in my mind. God doesn’t work that way ladies and gentlemen. In order to drive home that fact, He simply took away the gifts He gave me;one by one. My career was slowly put on hold, I voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily lost relationships.

It wasn’t until I rearranged my priorities and put God first,that he slowly gave me my gifts back. He gave me my career back in a better way than I could have imagined. In terms of relationships, He reminded me that my relationship with Him matters the most and if I take care of that, He will bring great people into my life, which He has also been doing.

To sum it all up, Keep God First in everything you do. I had to learn the hard way. So today I tell you not to repeat the same mistake I made. If you won’t take it from me, then take it from one of the most gifted actors of all time, Denzel Washington.


God First


Feeling like a new me; a better me!!