“Tell your story...Tell your story”. These are the words I heard after I said Amen, to conclude my evening prayer. I had just finished talking to my sister on the phone and was ready to get some shuteye.


“Tell your story,Tell your story”


I knew it was God telling me to do this. I am not sure exactly what came over me but before you and God, I can’t make this up when I say I picked up a pen and paper and wrote 5 episodes, within twenty minutes! Looking back, it was peace in the midst of a stormy time in my life. I thank God for giving my team and I strength to complete this show.


“We all have a story to tell” 

 Lastly, to those who will tune in; both willingly and reluctantly, thank you. I appreciate you both very much.Obstacles are only put in our way to test if we are truly willing to fight for our goals. If this show sparks the slighest bit of motivation in your mental, then my job here is done. Stay Relentless. Enjoy the show,

                                              Yours Truly,

                                               Samuel Adjei Jr