What's up Junior? It is a beautiful day in Copenhagen, which is where I write to you from. I know you have just moved from Ghana to the United States to reunite with your parents after not seeing them for a few years. You are probably wondering what in the world you are doing in Denmark some years later! Let me tell you a secret! You know the sport that you have so much fun playing every day? Yes, the one that you rush through your home work just so you could partake in? Well, it will become your profession. You will be expected to show up and perform every single day. The only thing I will ask of you is to never forget to have fun, no matter how tense things may get at times. You will play for both the USA and Ghana Youth National Teams and meet some awesome people. I know you want me to elaborate but that will just take the fun out of all the surprises in store for you!

Kid, I know you love God and soon you will go to high school then college. During these times you will feel further away from Him. Just remember that He is always by your side. He will protect you and never lead you astray. Stick with Him!

You will lose some loved ones; some will pass away, and others the relationship will sink. Yes I know this sucks but learn from your mistakes and be happy that these relationships happened. Seasons change and people can change too. Don't attempt to wear a tank top during a harsh winter season. You will not make it

There will be times when you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel and question your calling. You will receive a lot of No's throughout your career and injuries will make you consider giving it all up. Grow through these moments of adversity. They will become great assets, make you mentally stronger and help you become relentless.

I will end this letter here. I love you kid, love yourself and through it all, Rise Above.

                                                                                                              Yours truly,