I met her when I was very young. I didn't know what that feeling I felt back then was, but today I can tell you it was infatuation, passion and love at first sight. She is one of those girls you have to work hard for, no matter how much of a catch you think you are. I knew I wanted her to be a part of my life forever! I knew from that day that we will always be together, even if she didn't know it yet. I put in the work for her and got to know more about her. She brought joy to my heart. Like any relationship the honeymoon phase didn't last for that long and the tough times came. Some days I felt I was getting the short end of the relationship. Like Donell Jones sings, "she gives me all her love, but only half the time". I would make all these plans for her and get stood up last minute. I got a bit tired of seeing her everyday but after going a few days without her, I'd find myself missing her again. To sum it all up some days I felt like, she loved me, she loved me not. Now if this kind of relationship sounds familiar then you can relate. You might be thinking about a significant other, but ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my relationship with the game of soccer.


I love the game and worked hard to get where I am today. I am still working hard because I have not reached the pinnacle of my goals. I love scoring goals and running past a defender. Body feint left, wait for the defender to fall for the fake, then I slide right and hear the crowd get excited as I run in on goal. Now it is just me and the goalkeeper. One on one and I would bet my house on putting this one away. I have trained this shot all week and all my life really. My muscle memory is so candid that I do not have to think about what to do next. I curl the ball around the keeper. I am already running towards the fans to celebrate, who even seem more certain that this is a goal than I do. Unfortunately, the ball hits the post and rolls out for a goal kick! Unbelievable! Soccer is my high and low. When soccer is going well I feel invincible. When it is not going well I just want to stay home and sulk for a bit. Any of my family, friends, and agent will tell you I love the game and sacrificed a lot for it. Soccer has helped me see the world and experience priceless times. Despite this, soccer has also resulted in injuries and a surgery. Soccer has led to me having low confidence during bad times on the field and me constantly putting pressure on myself to perform. I spend time at the gym and do extra before training and sometimes after. All in preparation for a game on the weekend. Some weekends the game goes well and I am ecstatic and other weekends I just feel unlucky and neglected by the game I love so much.


Even though there are ups and downs, I must admit that I love this game. Yes some times I feel she loves me, she loves me not. One thing is for sure though, we will be together for a very long time.