Thunder, lightening, they say when it rains it pours. It was only a bit cloudy this morning when I stepped outside in my black St. Benedict's Prep hoodie and khaki pants. With no umbrella I guess this hoodie will have to do for now. The rain has a mind of its own and it just will not quit. I sit here at the bus stop on Chancellor Ave,and Schley St as I await the Bus 39 which goes to Downtown, Newark. I will get off at Broad and Market St. then walk up to Dr.Martin Luther King Blvd.where my school is located. My school is perhaps one of the most well known high schools in the country. From our great scholastic achievements to our athletic accomplishments, I am certain you can not mention high school in America without hearing about St. Benedict's Prep one way or the other.

Still sitting at the bus stop hoping it will arrive in ten minutes, the way it is scheduled. Maybe even eight minutes if I am lucky. Wishful thinking with the way my luck has been lately. With the rain pouring down, I guess all I can do is wait. I guess this rain epitomizes my current life. I wish being a teenager came with a manual. Not to mention these standardized tests are just stressful. 

Now the rain has turned into a drizzle, this is much better. I guess it can't rain forever right? The sun has to come out some time. This is how the world works and this is how life works too. If I can just find a way to dance through the rain, then I will see a brighter day. That is exactly what I am going to do. God give me strength.

The Bus 39 arrives and it is time to head to school. For what it's worth, the bus arrived two minutes earlier than scheduled to. Maybe this is an omen. Today might be the day my rain stops after all, but I guess a light drizzle will soothe me just fine for now.