-A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.(Google Dictionary)

       Blood,sweat and tears. It's not too difficult for people to picture the blood and sweat part. To most people, the tears part is some sort of a myth. 

       I know you work hard, even though you are often overlooked. That is okay, you keep working hard because what drives you is deeper than they could ever imagine. When you win, it's called an upset and people are absolutely shocked. You remain the calmest person about the win because to you, it's just all the work you put in paying off. 

       The red carpet was never laid out for you. That is okay because you still find a tunnel to maneuver under and still make it to the big event. People call your success luck, you call it your relentless pursuit. The journey is painful physically, but you crave the results so bad that you're always mentally ready.

       I've seen your blood and sweat. I have felt your tears. We will keep striving and proving ourselves right. They can sleep on us, they don't exist in our world anyway. You ask why I say "we" and "us". It's because I too, like you, am underdog. If you know then you know.